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The following is the text of a response from Wayne Madden of NEWS/400. He saw my comments about the content of their site, and responded, to give me an idea of why they made their changes.


I saw your comments beside our listing and wanted to definitely help you understand what we're doing and why. I apologize it it's just a little long but email is harder to do and I want to make sure I communicate well.

In the publishing business there are two models. Paid magazines with high value content. Free magazines with advertiser driven content. Paid magazines spend large $$ on editorial while the free ones typically just publish product information, news, interviews, or other content that pleases their advertiser. We are a paid magazine and have invested in this market since 1982 as you know. We have always held our readers in the highest esteem and aren't afraid to spend money to get you the right content. Both models do rely on one thing though in terms of selling advertising at all ... advertisers MUST know the profile of our reader base -- meaning not the names, but the basic job titles, industries, size of companies, etc. -- in order to make a decision on advertising. In our case we need both subscription money and advertising money to fulfill our commitment to high value editorial and a great product worldwide -- we're in 8 other languages besides English.

The internet model doesn't really change this premise at all. Yes, many people just discovering the internet and certainly many readers would love it if the internet were "FREE" but that's just not reality. It still costs money to develop high value content to put on our internet site. In fact, we spend over $1 Million / year just maintaining the site and even more $$ on the content we put there. So what is our model. We want to provide a good value for existing subscribers to NEWS/400 and at the same time I want to provide good value to those who want to visit our site for FREE and yet get value.

So ... we offer two memberships. Professional Members can take two forms. Subscribe for $149 and get NEWS/400 and complete access to the web site and all of the great things there .. downloadable code, unique editorial "how-to" and columns, archives, forums, jobs, events, etc ... all of these things cost money to create and maintain. A second type of professional member, $19.95, can enjoy the same benefits less the printed magazine .. if there is at least one $149 member at the same site. This allows a cheaper way to get great information. In the past before the web, someone else would have to share the copy of NEWS/400 or pay the full subscription price. Now they can just get it for $19.95 and read it all online.

The Associate Member is FREE .. and those members who want free internet access can still get great value in many areas on our site. They basically can't get to code, our magazine articles (although we make some available for free, like IBM authored articles, for four months), and our complete Club Tech area (I spend over $5,000/month just to have the Club Tech site). They can enjoy jobs, events, news, forums, shareware, Index/400, opinion columns, our NEWSWire products, etc .. all for FREE.

In both cases (paid or free) we are only having membership to gather some key statistics to help sell advertising so that people like you who can benefit from the site will get our best stuff. It's hard to convince our owner to do the site just for fun. The old adage is still true .. you get what you pay for. NEWS/400 has been the best resource in the industry for a reason. We invest in it and try to give our readers our best. We just can't do that for anonymous visitors to the site that are giving nothing back -- not even a few pieces of information to form statistics. The internet is NOT free. It costs someone and many readers understand that. The price for the readers, especially Associate Members, is very low considering the effort put into the site on their behalf.

Thanks for featuring our site and I hope that if you think we're a good resource you will let others find out for themselves and eliminate the somewhat prohibitive comments there.

Best regards,



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