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AS/400 RPG Programmer

Jeff Gunter
IBM AS/400 Contract Programmer
Austin, Texas USA
Updated 05/25/2006

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These Links are some I've come across that have a personal interest to me. I hope they will be of assistance to you.


This site is run by an old friend of mine, Terry Middleton.

If you're shopping rates for personal financial arrangements, this site is great.

These two banks consistently have the highest rates in the country for FDIC insured CD's and Money Market accounts.

Travel much? Check out this site. These guys can save you some big bucks. This site is also one of the most interesting business uses of the Internet I've seen.

If you have US Savings Bonds, download the Savings Bond Wizard. It will actually compute the value of your bonds.
Also, check out the &quotPublic Debt To The Penny" page. It will scare you.

OK, I have to dream that I'll one day be able to pay my share of the national debt shown at the above site!

My favorite diversion:

This one is weird, but pretty funny.

I've been planning (and am about ready to start) to rewire my house for phone, video and prewire for possible future ISDN or DSL. These sites have been invaluable for a guy with little actual wiring experience (if you don't count using them!). It's done. Took longer than anticipated, but everything works and the recent addition of a telephone line and Cable modem was no challenge at all.

Feel like speaking out... you can locate your Congressperson at: Write Your Representative - Lookup Representative

Cable Modems: WOW. Fast, easy to install, no dial-up, instant access. Check it out: Time Warner Cable--Austin--Road Runner



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