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I get a lot E-mail asking about IBM Certification and how to prepare for it. The books shown below are valuable resources for studying for the certification exams. It's important in any industry to "stay current", but especially in ours. These books can be a valuable resource for the active AS/400 professional.

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Starter Kit for the IBM iSeries and AS/400

Starter Kit for the IBM iSeries and AS/400
by Gary Guthrie, Wayne Madden

I’ve worked with Midrange systems for over 25 years and I can tell you this is not a good book, it’s a great book. If you’re an iSeries or AS/400 administrator, you need this book. If you’re a programmer on the iSeries, you need this book. If you’re studying to prepare for IBM Certification as an AS/400 System Administrator, you need this book.

The Starter Kit covers everything you’re likely to need including messaging, CL, Backup and Recovery strategy, general system administration, security, work management, database concepts and much more.

The code samples alone are worth many times the price of the book and the authors not only understand the system, they explain it with a sense of humor. This book is a bargain.

RPG IV At Work

RPG IV At Work
by Doug Pence, Ron Hawkins

This is a very good book. I bought a copy at COMMON and used it as a review text before taking my "IBM Certified Specialist - AS/400 RPG IV Developer" exam. I passed the exam and this book had a lot to do with it.

Doug and Ron have a great deal of experience with the AS/400. I've attended their sessions at COMMON and they have a lot to offer. Buy and use a copy of this book and your RPG IV skill level is bound to increase.

The AS/400 Owners Manual

The AS/400 Owner's Manual
by Mike Dawson

This is a great reference book. I ‘won’ a copy at COMMON several years ago and have used it many times since. It has some great operations oriented features

The AS/400 Owner's Manual for V4

The AS/400 Owner's Manual for V4
by Mike Dawson

Based on his previous track record, I can only guess that Mike has done a great job on the Owner’s Manual for RISC machines.

AS/400 Primer : Fundamental Concepts and Training for Programmers, Administrators, and System Operators

AS/400 Primer : Fundamental Concepts and Training for Programmers, Administrators, and System Operators
by Ernie Malaga, Doug Pence, Ron Hawkins, Ernie Malagan

These guys are the cream of the crop when it comes to AS/400 knowledge.

Rpg IV Jump Start : Moving Ahead With the New Rpg

Rpg IV Jump Start : Moving Ahead With the New Rpg
by Bryan Meyers

I used this book to study for the IBM AS/400 RPG Programmer certification exam. Several nights study with this book and I passed the exam! I recommend it, but your mileage may vary.

Other books by Bryan you might like are:

Control Language Programming for the As/400
Desktop Guide to Cl Programming (News 3X/400 Technical Reference Series)

Introduction to Rpg IV

Introduction to Rpg IV
by Robert Cozzi

Bob is recognized as an authority on the RPG language. If you haven't attended one of his seminars or sessions at COMMON, you've missed one of the best programming instructors around.

Other books by Bob you might like are:

Modern Rpg III Language : With Structured Programming
The Modern Rpg IV Language Reference Summary
Introduction to Rpg With Interactive Programming


Essentials of Subfile Programming : And Advanced Topics in Rpg
By Phil Levinson.

Other books by Phil:

Essentials of Subfile Programming and Advanced Topics in Rpg IV


Subfile Technique for Rpg/400 Programmers
by Jonathan Yergin and Wayne Madden (contributor)


The RPG Programmer's Guide to RPG IV and Ile
by Robin Klima, Richard, Shaler

Other books by these authors:

Api Concepts for Rpg Programmers : Fundamental Concepts of the Os/400 Application Interface


The As/400 Expert : Ready-To-Run Rpg/400 Techniques
by Julian Monypenny, Roger Pence (contributor).

New: Published in March, 1999.

Other books by Roger or Julian:

Desktop Guide to RPG/400





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