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Jeff Gunter
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Austin, Texas USA
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Welcome to the world of system development on the IBM AS/400.

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If you have questions or comments, email me:


Jeff.gunter at as400guy.com

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I have been involved with IBM's midrange computer lines since 1975. In my opinion, the AS/400 is the finest combination of hardware and operating system that has ever come to the business market. It is truly a "programmers' machine" and its reliability is legendary.

I am a contract programmer and work exclusively in the Austin, Texas area. I prefer long term assignments and would be happy to discuss your requirements. If I can answer any questions you may have or suggestions for this web page, please feel free to call or Email me.


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AS/400 Links


IBM's AS/400 Home Page
IBM Redbooks and Redpieces
IBM AS/400 Online Library
IBM Information Center


AS/400 Book Store Have you had trouble finding AS/400 & Iseries/400 publications? Here they are!
Midrange Computing Magazine
NEWSWire/400 - a weekly Email with breaking news in the AS/400 world
The RPG Source
NEWS/400 Magazine 12/27/2000 UPDATE: Wayne Madden of News/400 has written an e-mail in response to my previous comments about the site. His commentary is well worth the read for any fans of News/400 that have felt jilted by the move to a membership system. With his permission, I am posting his response here
About Legacy Coding About Legacy Coding is free E-publication for IT professionals that focuses on the responsibilities related to IT management and integration of enterprise/legacy systems with a strong leaning toward COBOL.
Joe Hertvik's AS/400 Network Expert

Individuals and Consultants

Steve's AS/400 Web Page
Rock Painter's Mainframe, Midrange & Micro plus technical articles
Jerry Anderson's AS/400 Page
TAA Productivity Tools - QUSRTOOL Users Area Jim Sloan's excelent AS/400 tool site.
Kent Anderson's home page


Linux on AS/400 Project This site explores porting Linux to the AS/400. It makes for interesting reading.
TimeShare400 Offers Internet-based Access to Current AS/400's
http://www.rpgalive.com These guys have come up with a development tool to help those of us who are "nested if impaired."
AS400link.COM - Your IBM AS/400 Resource Link
Search400.com: The AS/400 Specific Search Engine
AS/400 News Group
tnt400.com - Tips and Tech Community
DATATRAIN, WEB and LAN based training

Internet Related Sites

Shields Up This site is a "Must See". It greets you with your name. Kind of scary, isn't it? If you're using cable modem, DSL or ISDN, you need to spend some time at this site. It includes two benign probes that test your firewall. This is one of the best I've found concerning security.

Favorite Tips and Techniques

I recently worked on a CISC to RISC conversion. The most interesting problem we encountered was move some 6,000 spool files form the old to the new AS/400. We evaluated several commercial options and chose to do it on our own. If you're interested in how we did it, let me know.

This tip also courtesy of NEWSWire/400:
NEW AS/400-SPECIFIC ENCYCLOPEDIA AVAILABLE ONLINE Whether you have a nagging question about the AS/400 or need a handy training reference for new employees, you might want to check out IBM's searchable online guide to AS/400 computing, AS/400 Encyclopedia. The guide has more than 250 entries on short topics, and its four "volumes" cover AS/400 systems and technology, options and peripherals, software, and communications. To check out the Encyclopedia, go to http://www.as400.ibm.com -- it has a link from the home page at the moment (you can also find it under "Reference Library" in the left navigation frame).

I've found that the first time you tackle a new feature on the AS/400 (or any other machine for that matter) it takes a while to get over the learning curve. IBM has published documents called "Redbooks" for years . These handy books will usually give practical, step by step instructions on how to use features, hardware and programming techniques.

Redbooks, named for their red covers, are "how to" books, written by very experienced IBM professionals from all over the world. They are written at the International Technical Support Organization (ITSO), which has centers close to IBM's development divisions.

Redpieces are redbooks that are not yet published or have recently been published specifically for the web.

Redbooks can be ordered from IBM. Recently, IBM began publishing them on the WWW. To order, view or just check them out, the following link will take you there. http://www.redbooks.ibm.com/

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What's going on in the Austin AS/400 community

Hello, Austin. Anyone interested in reactivating the AS/400 Users' Group?
If you have any Austin AS/400 activities to share, E-mail them to me for inclusion here.

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